The Maryland Space Business Roundtable

MSBR is a nonprofit organization for aerospace and technology businesses, universities, and individuals in Maryland as well as the surrounding national capital region that share a mutual interest in promoting a robust space community. The Roundtable provides a common ground for these companies to meet, interact, learn, and act on initiatives for future growth. 

A space community acting together in a mutual interest to promote the space community.
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Networking Events

MSBR events offer valuable space market intelligence in an intimate setting with space industry leaders, academia, and government officials. 

Stem Education

A robust space community requires a robust STEM workforce. 

Businesses, academia, and individuals sharing a mutual interest. Promoting and developing the space community.

Members represent the dynamic needs and interests of Maryland’s space community.  The MSBR conducts networking, education, and community outreach programs throughout the year.  The MSBR is governed by bylaws and operated by Officers under the direction of a Board.  Officers and Board members are elected by Members.   The Officers and Board of Directors represent the Maryland space business, academic community and the MSBR constituency base.

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Stem Grants Awarded

MSBR Impacts in the Community

Powering the future of STEM

The MSBR is a membership organization. Membership requires a low annual fee. Member benefits include priority bookings and discounted rates on events.

Our Recent Presentations


Recognizing those who serve our Maryland Space community

Lifetime Achievement Award

MSBR's 2022 Lifetime Achievement recipient, Mr. Tim Durkin​

STEM Education

MSBR STEM investments span the entire Maryland region. Our STEM programs include a focus on under-served populations.

The Blair Robot Project

The Blair Robot Project worked collaboratively to build and compete with a well-designed and fabricated robot. Recently, the team won two DC District Qualifier competitions and competed at the Chesapeake District Championship.

Patriots Technology Training Center

The Patriots, under the coordination and direction of Justin Graves and the E-Sports Team, hosted four E-sports Tournaments/STEM Careers Summits. The E-Sports Summits included video tournaments and workshops/competitions showcasing STEM careers in the E-Sports Industry.

Camp Invention

Camp Invention is a weeklong summer enrichment program for youth, grades K-6, focusing on developing creative, inventive thinking and problem-solving skills through hands-on STEM content. Camp fosters 21st Century competencies, encouraging children to design and prototype novel, innovative and useful inventions that meet needs, solve problems, and have value.