MSBR Annual Awards

The MSBR Annual Awards program recognizes individuals and organizations whose service and contributions align with MSBR’s core value of promoting a robust space community in Maryland with a focus on interacting, learning, and supporting initiatives for future growth. Awards are presented at the MSBR Spring Gala. Awardees receive a shelf-worthy trophy and recognition through press and social media.

Award Categories

MSBR Lifetime Achievement Annual Award

Lifetime Achievement

The MSBR annual award honoring an individual who has demonstrated a lifetime of promoting and fostering a robust space community in Maryland, Nationally or Internationally. MSBR members and non-members (affiliates, associates, government) are qualified to receive this honor. Typically this event is bestowed at an individual’s retirement or significant impactful career event. One award annually.

MSBR STEM Star Annual Award

STEM Star Award

The MSBR annual award honoring an individual (MSBR member) who makes impactful contributions to MSBR STEM community with their time and/or financial contributions. One award annually.

MSBR Constellation Annual Award

Constellation Award

The MSBR annual award honoring MSBR member organizations who make impactful contribution to MSBR STEM community with their time or financial contributions; or for initiatives that grow the future of a robust space community. One award annually per category (Small and Large Business).

How to Nominate

Nomination forms are available on the website. Call for nominations beginning in August each year. Please complete the form and submit it online. Nominations must include the nominator’s information, nominee’s information, category you are nominating for, 250 word submission of why you are nominating the individual or organization, a link to the Nominee bio (LinkedIn).

Nominations are due by March 8, 2024

Maryland Space Business Roundtable Lifetime Achievement Award Criteria:

  • Noteworthy triggering event (i.e. retirement, career event)
  • Exceptional contribution to the Space Program beyond job requirements
  • Clear impact of contribution in advancing Space Programs
  • Recognition by the Maryland Space Community
  • Contribution to MSBR
  • Contribution to promoting STEM

Maryland Space Business Roundtable STEM Star Criteria:

  • Exceptional contribution to the advancement of STEM in Maryland and the MSBR Community
  • Contribution/investment of time, financial resources
  • Innovative approach to advancing STEM
  • Result/impact of contribution

Maryland Space Business Roundtable Constellation Awards Criteria

  • Significant financial and/or time contribution
  • Public/Private partnerships established
  • Number and types of initiatives/collaborations promoted
  • Number of individuals or institutions that benefited

Past Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award – Tim Durkin

STEM Star Award – Om and Sara Bahethi

Constellation Award – Goddard Boys & Girls Night In

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