Why Become A Part of the MSBR?

An Effective Way to Network and Engage With Leading Members of Maryland’s Space Community, Political Leaders, and Government Officials

MSBR conducts over a dozen major large scale events per year (monthly luncheons, annual gala, Goddard Fall Reception & Lecture) where MSBR members network with other members and a broad group of government, federal legislative, and related customers and stakeholders of the Maryland space community.  MSBR members are eligible to book tables at events and government guest(s) are invited by the MSBR (up to 5 per table), providing an intimate forum for building relationships and networking support to Aerospace. 

An Easy and Impactful Way To Support STEM education Targeted for the Aerospace Community.

The MSBR pools resources to provide significant and impactful support to area STEM projects, developing the next generation workforce MSBR members require.  Member fees are used by the MSBR to fund projects.  Projects are accessible by the members

Gain Valuable News and Information

The MSBR provides news and information to its members through several forums.  First and foremost, important government and industry leaders provide compelling and timely information in an interactive environment as speakers at the monthly luncheons.   The MSBR is also used as a conduit between federal and state agencies and legislative representatives for the two-way flow of information between government and Maryland’s aerospace business community.  Additionally, members receive MSBR newsletters with important and timely topics of interest to Maryland’s business community, and information on the various STEM education projects and people.

The MSBR is a membership organization. Membership requires a low annual fee. Member benefits include priority bookings and discounted rates on events. All MSBR member organizations are active participants in the roundtable and are encouraged to participate in our programs and events, join the Board, and become Officers. Small and large companies alike are well represented and offer valuable input to our program and activities.

Membership Types and Fees

Membership fees are based on revenues. Payments of dues must be received by December 31st (the year proceeding the next membership calendar year) for preferred seating and no later than February 28 (the following membership calendar year.) Membership year runs from January 1 – December 31st.

Individual Membership

Per Person



Eligibility for participation on Board of Directors, Committees and/or attendance at such meetings.

One (1) non-government guest at all luncheons and any MSBR sponsored events at member cost (additional fees apply.) The MSBR office will send notification to the guest.

Newsletter and monthly event notices mailed to member.

Individuals affiliated with corporations over $5M annual revenue, please consider a corporate membership.

Corporate Memberships

Up to $10M/Year


$10M to $50M/Year


Over $50M/Year



Eligible for representation on Board of Directors, Committees, and/or attendance at such meetings.

Eligible for table reservations at all luncheons and/or any MSBR sponsored events (additional fees apply). Advance notification will be sent.

Host up to (5) government guests per table, as requested (hosting is not required). The MSBR invites government guests to all luncheons and MSBR sponsored events.

Newsletters and monthly event notices mailed to up to seven (7) company representatives.