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Building a space community to achieve great things.

Through our corporate members and organization sponsorships, the MSBR is at the forefront of representing the very best in space-related technology, innovation, and talent in Maryland.

STEM Education

A robust space community requires a robust STEM workforce. Learn how the MSBR supports students in STEM…

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Community Outreach

The MSBR is always looking for partners that advocate our common interest in space creating opportunities and growing talent…

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MSBR Awards

Recognizing individuals and organizations that align with our core values promoting and sustaining the space community…

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Who We Are

Businesses, academia, and individuals sharing a mutual interest.

Members represent the dynamic needs and interests of Maryland’s space community.  The MSBR conducts networking, education, and community outreach programs throughout the year.  The MSBR is governed by bylaws and operated by Officers under the direction of a Board.  Officers and Board members are elected by Members.   The Officers and Board of Directors represent the Maryland space business, academic community and the MSBR constituency base.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of becoming a member today.

Join over 60+ organizations within Maryland’s space industry and collaborate with us on tomorrow’s space technologies that will take us further than our imaginations.

MSBR Impact

Powering the future of STEM education within our space community

We would like to thank you for your gracious donation during the 2022 season. Your contributions have allowed us to design and create “Hyacinth,” our competition robot for this year’s FRC game: “Rapid React.” We are pleased to report that we had a fantastic start to our season, taking home first place at both of our district events. None of this would have been possible without your support. Out of over 100 local teams, we are currently placed 6th in the FRC Chesapeake District, and have qualified for the District Championships. We would love it if you joined us for this event at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia from April 6th to 9th.

M. ZhangBusiness Subteam Leader, Blair Robot Project

Knowledge Center

Our Recent Presentations

MSBR events are packed full of inspiring space industry experts who give insightful and powerful presentations on the latest technologies and sciences being developed to today for exploration.

  • NOAA: Enabling Smart Decisions

    NOAA: Enabling Smart Decisions

    Dr. Stephen Volz Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services, NOAA NOAA’s Dr. Stephen Volz presents “NOAA: National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service” that includes highlights the challenge, context, […]

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  • NASA 2024: Onward and Upward

    NASA 2024: Onward and Upward

    Casey Swails Deputy Associate Administrator, NASA NASA’s Casey Swails presents “NASA 2024: Onward and Upward” that includes highlights on how NASA is breaking barriers, shattering limits, and making the impossible […]

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  • NOAA: Greenhouse Gas Strategy

    NOAA: Greenhouse Gas Strategy

    Dr. Sarah Kapnick Chief Scientist National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Dr. Kapnick presents “NOAA’s Role in the US National Greenhouse Gas Strategy” that includes recent highlights on NOAA’s climate ready […]

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