Our Eyes Into the Unknown

Exploring the Universe with JWST

Deanna Trask

NASA GSFC Office of Communications

For centuries, humans have looked to the night sky for navigation and inspiration. Today, we also look to the sky to help answer some of the most fundamental questions, like how our universe began and evolved; how galaxies, stars and planets came to be; and whether we are alone. Using space-based telescopes, we’ve searched for planets and tracked the evolution of stars and galaxies. We use these powerful telescopes at Goddard to explore the hidden corners of our galaxy and the universe. These great observatories have transformed our understanding of the universe and have even given us insights into our own planet and place in the cosmos.

The panelist include: Dr. Knicole Colon, Deputy Project Scientist for Exoplanet Science, Webb Space Telescope; Dr. Greg Mosby, Detector Scientist, Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope; and Dr. Elisa Quintana, Principal Investigator, Pandora SmallSat Mission.